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Microsoft Power BI: The Complete Master Class
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 163 lectures & 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

163 Lessons (15h)

  • Your First Program
  • Getting started
    What is Power BI?3:01
    Download & Installing4:06
    The interface (Quick Tour)2:43
    Mini Project - Transform Data6:52
    Mini Project - Visualizing Data5:07
    Mini Project - Data Model7:21
    What will you learn in this course?5:02
    All source files & course slides
  • Preparing the course project
    Working with the attached project files3:51
  • Data Transformation - Beginner to Intermediate
    Exploring the Query Editor6:11
    Connecting to our data source6:48
    Editing and removing rows8:10
    Changing data types8:24
    Replace Values3:27
    Close & Apply3:29
    Connecting Power BI to a csv file3:21
    Connecting to a Web Page5:04
    Extract Characters6:18
    Splitting & Merging Columns9:22
    Create a conditional column5:52
    A little note on the next lecture!
    Columns from examples8:38
    Merging Queries17:23
    Pivoting & Unpivoting5:43
    Appending Tables8:20
    Practise & Solution: PopulationTable14:30
    Fact Dimension Model9:19
    Practise: Load Dimension Table3:48
    Organizing our Queries in Groups2:59
    Text used in the next lecture
    Entering data manually4:43
    Creating an index column3:04
    Workflow & more transformations4:38
    Module Summary5:05
    Excersice: Instructions1:41
    Exercise: Solution11:09
  • Data Transformation - Advanced
    Advanced Editor - Best practise8:43
    References vs. Duplicates9:50
    Enable Disable Load & Report Refresh4:31
    Group by4:47
    Mathematical Operations4:54
    Run R Script14:36
    Using Parameters to dynamically transform data6:28
    M-language Basics6:40
    M-Language Values, Lists & Tables13:57
    M-Language Functions13:13
    M-Language More functions & steps5:02
    Exercise: Instructions0:55
    Exercise: Solution4:31
  • Creating the Data Model
    Understanding relationships5:07
    Create & Edit relationships6:16
    One-to-Many and One-to-One Relationship5:49
    Many-to-Many relationship & Crossfilter direction8:15
    Cross filter direction5:56
    Activate & Deactivate relationships5:52
    Section Summary3:04
    Exercise 3 - Create Model2:27
    Exersice 3 - Solution1:37
  • Data Visualization
    Our first visual7:57
    The format tab11:52
    Conditional Formatting8:48
    The pie chart5:32
    All about the Filter visual12:32
    Filter pane for developers8:52
    Cross filtering & Edit interactions3:56
    Exercise 4 - Instructions1:00
    Exercise 4 - Solution6:10
    Syncing slicers across pages7:06
    Drill down8:29
    Drill through6:50
    Tree map visual7:06
    Decomposition tree5:23
    Matrix visual5:17
    Edit pages7:15
    Buttons & Actions9:28
    Bookmarks to customize your report9:31
    Analytics and Forecast with Line Charts10:12
    Working with Custom Visuals7:17
    R scripts for the next lecture
    Get data using R & R Script Visual8:26
    Asking Questions - Q & A Visual3:45
    Wrap up Data Visualization8:09
  • Power BI & Python
    Python in Power BI: Plan of attack2:57
    Setting up Python for Power BI3:03
    Transforming data using Python scripts11:24
    Python script I (for the next lecture)
    Creating visualizations using Python7:55
    Python script II (for the next lecture)
    Violine plots, ridge plots & correlation analysis plots7:13
    Python script III (for the next lecture)
    Machine Learning & Text Analysis using Python9:53
    Performance & Troubleshooting3:27
  • DAX - The Essentials
    Welcome to DAX2:32
    Let's look at our data4:09
    DAX Cheat Sheet
    All files for the DAX sections
    Measures vs. Calculated columns14:37
    Automatically create a date table8:17
    Complete date table with additional features3:43
    Script to be used in your future projects
    Key Measures Table3:19
    Aggregation functions6:07
    COUNT and its variations14:05
    SUMX - How does it work8:32
    DAX Exercise 1
    DAX Solutions 1
  • DAX - CALCULATE function
    CALCULATE Basics10:53
    DAX Exercise 2
    DAX Solution 2
  • DAX - Time Intelligence
    TimeIntelligence & DATEADD11:18
    Year-to-Date & Month-to-Date5:19
  • DAX - Operators, Variables & Quickmeasures
    Logical Operators9:27
    Commenting and Formatting5:48
    Quickmeasures - How to use them in a smart way4:46
  • Visualize effectively & Tell a story with your data
    Intro - Best Practises1:01
    Best practise #1 - Show Empathy & Identify the requirements2:37
    Best practise #2 - Finding the most suitable KPIs2:18
    Best Practise #3 - Choose an effective visualization3:39
    Best Practise #4 Make use of natural reading pattern2:58
    Best practise # 5 - Tell a story using visual cues5:21
    Best practise # 6 - Avoid Chaos & Group information2:17
    Wrap up - Stroytelling with data1:41
  • Power BI Cloud - Power BI Service
    How to go from here?3:13
    Power BI Pro vs. Premium & Registration3:48
    An alternative if you don't have a business email
    Exploring the Workspaces4:10
    Discovering the workspaces2:31
    Note on the next lecture
    Connecting Power BI Desktop & Cloud4:00
    Understanding Datasets & Reports3:24
    Working with the reports3:53
    Updating the reports from Power BI Desktop4:29
    Creating and working with Workspaces7:13
    Installing & Using a Data Gateway12:53
    Get Quick Insights2:33
    Creating Dashboards4:05
    Sharing our results through Apps10:09
    Power BI Mobile App5:26
    Creating the layout for the Mobile App3:46
    Cloud Wrap up7:13
  • Row-Level Security
    Creating a Row-Level Security4:51
    Row-Level Security in the Cloud3:31
    Row-Level Security & Data Model4:38
    Dynamic Row-Level Security7:28
    Dynamic Many-to-Many RLS4:04
    Hierarchical Row-Level Security12:55
  • Additional data sources
    JSON & REST API9:57
    Setting up a local MySQL database14:01
    Connecting to a SQL database4:59
    Power BI & SQL database (PostgreSQL)5:01
  • Congratulations & how to stay up to date
    Congratulations & Next steps6:24
    More data to practise

Microsoft Power BI: The Complete Master Class

Nikolai Schuler

Nikolai Schuler | Professional Data Scientist und BI Consultant

4.6/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

In his work as a data scientist and BI consultant, Nikolai saw that there's a lot of new tools that bring a lot of benefits. Yet it is not always easy to learn working with these tools beside the daily other tasks we have to do. For that reason, he decided to create these courses that are high quality on the one hand and easy to learn with on the other hand. These courses now have reached people in more than 130 countries and he is really glad to help spread these IT skills and enable people to pursue the career they are after.


Learn, step-by-step, everything that is important in Power BI from scratch. You will learn how to work with Power BI, how to connect the various data sources with Power BI, how to transform and structure the data up to the creation of impressive reports with practical tips on storytelling with data. After reporting, you will learn how to publish your reports in the Power BI Cloud and how to effectively share your results with the right people. This course takes you by the hand and leads you from a Power BI beginner to advanced.

4.6/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 163 lectures & 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Create professional, high-quality reports from scratch
  • Confidently use the tools in Power BI
  • Develop your skills on your own project
  • Understand the entire work workflow from start to finish
  • Learn from a professional data scientist & BI consultant
  • Have the knowledge you need to delve deeper into Power BI & deal with even more advanced features
  • Integrate various data sources from Excel to databases

NOTE: Software NOT included.


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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  • Experience level required: all levels
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